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Senior Products

Medigap, also called Medicare Supplement Insurance, is a plan offered by private insurers but federally regulated to fill in where Medicare does not provide coverage. Medigap supplement plans can cover co-payments, deductibles and other non-covered healthcare costs. Each state has different requirements for the plans that are offered, but all insurers who sell medigap coverage must provide standard levels of benefits. In general, medigap insurance does not cover long-term care, private nursing care, or dental, vision and aural services. At Name Benefits Inc, we aspire to be the broker contact for you or your family member. As more people approach age 65 every day, we ask you to think of us as your trusted resource for any Medicare planning need.

We will be happy to assist with any questions you may have, or for further information you can email us at JOHNN@NAMEBENEFITSINC.COM or by contacting John at (908) 281-5379.